Top Five Things to do for Arduino Day 2017

Another year of Arduino, and therefore another Arduino Day! This year I’m planning on doing quite a lot, with a couple of posts scheduled to be uploaded for Arduino Day.

If you’re stuck on what to do, you’re in the right place. Here are some ideas on projects to do on Arduino Day!

#1 – Build an Arduino Robot

Image result for arduino robot

There’s nothing better than building your own robot with an Arduino, and it’s probably one of my favourite uses for Arduino. Whether you’re making it follow a line, avoid obstacles or making it remote controlled, it’s a fun project either way.

If you’re not confident enough in Arduino to do something like that, you could buy a robot kit or even buy the official Arduino robot (by the way, it’s very expensive for what it is).

#2 – Do an Internet of Things Project


If you have never looked at IoT, you are missing out man. Internet of Things allows you to do projects with Arduino wirelessly, over an internet connection. This means you could upload sensor data to an online server accessible from anywhere, or send and receive SMS messages on your Arduino.

To do this, as you might have figured out, you need an Arduino board with an internet connection. While you can buy Arduino ethernet shields cheaply that connect the Arduino Uno to the internet, I would strongly recommend the Arduino Yun, which you can see my review of here.

#3 – Take a look at the Arduino Esplora

Image result for arduino esplora

The Arduino Esplora, which you can see my review of here, is incredible because you can do so many projects with it. It has an incredible variety of uses, from acting as a controller for a robot to being a video game controller for games programmed for the Arduino. Whatever you end up using it for, it’s something I highly recommend, especially for beginners because it is so easy to use with the onboard sensors and the library available for it.

#4 – Build a SMART device

Image result for arduino smart home

Make your life easier with Arduino…

Whether that be with a device that switches on your light, locks your doors, waters your plants or controls the central heating, it’s sure to be a fun project

#5 – Attend an Arduino Event

Image result for arduino event

I put this last because, around where I live, there are no Arduino events. There are, unfortunately, only 4 events in the UK, three of which in London and one in Sheffield. However, if you live near any of these places, or live in another country where there are Arduino events, it is definitely worth going because they look fantastic. They are a place to share your projects and meet like minded people!

Thanks for reading this!

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All Images Used (licensed for re-use): RobotInternet of ThingsArduino EsploraSmart Project, Arduino Event


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