Top Five Things to do for Arduino Day 2017

Another year of Arduino, and therefore another Arduino Day! This year I'm planning on doing quite a lot, with a couple of posts scheduled to be uploaded for Arduino Day. If you're stuck on what to do, you're in the right place. Here are some ideas on projects to do on Arduino Day! #1 - …

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Arduino Esplora Review

The Arduino Gaming Controller, with built in sensors, buttons and a joystick. In this Review What is the Esplora? The Technical Specifications What it can be used for Verdict What is the Esplora? The Arduino Esplora is an interesting product that I couldn't help buying and trying it out for myself. I couldn't believe my eyes …

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Learn Arduino #1 – Blink!

I wanted to start this tutorial series with a basic project to get going with - writing a program to get a LED to blink. While this may sound easy for anyone to do, it involves using many key Arduino programming principles, which I will introduce to you in this post (woohoo!). All you will …

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