Arduino Esplora Review

The Arduino Gaming Controller, with built in sensors, buttons and a joystick. In this Review What is the Esplora? The Technical Specifications What it can be used for Verdict What is the Esplora? The Arduino Esplora is an interesting product that I couldn't help buying and trying it out for myself. I couldn't believe my eyes …

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Funduino Joystick Shield Reaction Game

The idea of making video games on an Arduino intrigued me - I have seen many games being made on a Raspberry Pi  but never really on an Arduino. Pictured above is the 'Funduino' Joystick Shield, a cheap controller-style shield for Arduino with 6 buttons (a directional pad and the start/back buttons if this were …

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Arduino Yún Review

The Arduino Yún is the most powerful board Arduino has made, with a staggering 400 MHz processor as well as the typical Arduino microcontroller processor. It combines the ease of use of Arduino with the power you have with the Linux operating system, creating a unique product that stands out in the Arduino lineup. This thing …

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